Happy New Year!

The Association will be mailing your 2015 HOA Dues Invoice along with important HOA information shortly.

If you are here to pay your HOA Dues now, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Financial
  2. Click Pay Now (this will re-direct you to the PayPal site)
  3. Choose a way to pay or continue to log in
  4. Click Pay Now

Please note: PayPal fees will be applied. (This goes to PayPal for its services.)

Also, I would like to point out a few specifics:

If you notice there’s a balance difference on your 2015 invoice, it’s because there’s a previous years balance that hasn’t been paid.

If you would like an itemized report from the 2014 P&L, please submit a request for review.

OKHOA.org is a complete separate entity and has been executing Country Place’s website for sometime.

Please avoid from parking in areas of construction. This could delay the construction process and delay the completion of Country Place.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss HOA matters, please submit a request.

Thank you.