Covenants and Bylaws


Country Place Declaration of Property Owners Association

Country Place Bylaws

Section Map – If you can’t tell by this map what section your home is in please look up your house on the Cleveland County Assessor website. Simply look up by your name or address and on the “Base” tab under the “Legal” section it should have it listed in the “Subdivision” field.

Section 1: Restrictive Covenants

Section 2: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 3: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 4: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 5: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration | Tree Amendment

Section 6: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration | Tree Amendment

Section 7: Restrictive Covenants | Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration | Tree Amendment

Section 8: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 9: Restrictive Covenants | Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 10: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration

Section 11: Restrictive Covenants | Supplementary Declaration


Shed designs/plan examples
All shed/outbuilding construction projects are required to submit detailed plans to the Architectural Control Committee even if you choose a shed outlined in the document above.